Santa Ana celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month

As young dancers take to the stage, music fills the air as Hispanic Heritage Month and the Fiestas Patrias are in full swing in Santa Ana. It's the 42nd year the city has thrown this street festival commemorating Mexican Independence Day, but it also celebrates Independence Days in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. 

It is one of many celebrations focusing on Hispanic culture. Another was a parade in East Los Angeles. To Alessandra Alvarado, who worked at a booth serving fruit drinks, "Our Hispanic culture is very beautiful. The colors, the music dance, and everything."

Months like this are an opportunity to showcase the beauty and heritage of different cultures. Fourteen-year-old Michael Salazar IV says, "The music - that's one of my favorite things because that's how I was raised."

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At the festival and the East LA parade, there were traditional dress, music and foods.

To Victor Trezic, the bottom line is that "... just knowing where you came from; knowing your background... who you are and what you are... it means a lot to me and to everyone."