San Bernardino opens aquatic center in time for holiday heat wave

With heat levels getting dangerous in the Inland Empire, people are heading wherever they can to remain cool.

In the city of San Bernardino, the Jerry Lewis Aquatic Center is open through Monday. First come first serve, so be there early. They will check that you are wearing a bonafide bathing suit… no sports bras or gym shorts. You will also need a mask to enter, leave, and anytime you go to the bathroom.

Capacity is maxed out at 150 per session (one half hours each) and they are being sticklers about distancing. They are also checking bags, to make sure no one is bringing in glass bottles (although plastic ones with water are ok). 

Monday is their last day, as the staff goes back to school, and even with COVID schooling limitations there aren’t enough people to run the pool after. So if you want to get cooled down in a pool this weekend in the city of San Bernardino head to Perris Hill Park where the pool is. 

For more information go to the City of San Bernardino website.