Rolling Hills Estates landslide victims fear lost memories as homes collapse

Weber Yen has owned a home in Rolling Hills Estates for 13 years. Then, suddenly over the weekend his was one of a dozen homes that were evacuated after the hillside gave way. 

"I feel sad," he said. But, who wouldn’t feel sad? His home is suddenly hanging precariously along with everything in it.

"It’s a lifetime of memories," Yen said. "We all travel around the world, raised children, have a lot of childhood memories and families and all that stuff. That’s going to be all gone."

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Families from 12 homes over the weekend were told to leave for safer ground. Yen’s home and a neighbor had an adjoining wall and foundation. So when his home started to sink, a neighbor said it pulled down the other almost like an implosion.

Fortunately, Yen and his family were not home when the homes started to collapse.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn has spent considerable time in the neighborhood trying to help her constituents. At one point, she told reporters, "we believe many of these homes will fall into the canyon sooner than later..."

Yen said he believes his home will be one of those. When the evacuation order went out he said he got 20 minutes to get out. 

"I’m super angry that nobody told us earlier that we had to leave the place in such a fashion," Yen said. "Somebody is not doing their job and I’m angry about that."