Review: Piper NV Extends Home Automation With IFTTT Integration

Two years ago, we took a look at Piper's original home security and automation gateway and were quite pleased with what it could do. Great looking video, an easy-to-use interface and a decent price point made it a great device. Now, two years later, and with a more competitive market to deal with, Piper has updated their app and added If This Then That integration to their service which great extends the functionality. We have your look at that below.

For this review, we're using Piper's newer Piper NV, which is an upgrade over the previuos generation Piper Original. The primary upgrades in the NV are a larger 3.4MP CMOS image sensor streaming at 1.67MP, and the addition of a ZWave Plus controller. ZWave plus brings with it new capabilities, including increased range, extended battery life for ZWave products, Over The Air upgrading (OTA), and additional RF channels to minimize interference.

Disclosure: Piper provided me with a demo unit for the purpose of this review.