Rescue teams return after search for retired LASD deputy missing in Greece

Search and rescue teams from Los Angeles County returned to Southern California early Thursday morning, after spending the last week or so in Greece looking for retired LASD deputy Albert Calibet.

"We did everything we could while we were there," said Cindy England. "It’s always going to be in the back of our minds, where could the man be?"

Calibet mysteriously disappeared on June 11 while hiking on the Greek island of Amorgos. It was supposed to be a roughly four-hour hike that the 59-year-old had completed during previous trips to the island.

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"Any case that we do searching for a missing person that we can’t find keeps me up at night," said England. "[I’m] kind of going through what could he have done? What was his thought process? Did he get injured? Did he fall?"

According to England, the search team recorded drone video while combing the steep terrain on the island. Now that they’re back in the United States, they’re giving each drone video extra looks to see if they can find any clues.

"We’re still going over the drone footage and just looking for clues that might popup," said England.

In one cellphone video recorded during the search, a local told the rescue team that he saw someone that looked and was dressed like Calibet hiking the day he disappeared. According to reports, the locals said Calibet had been hiking and looked strong.

At least 6 tourists have disappeared or died in Greece this month, in 5 different locations.

"I wouldn’t say there’s a tie," said England.  "I think maybe the consistent factor is the heat they’re experiencing."

Some family, friends, and a K-9 team remain in Greece searching for the retired LASD deputy.

"The conditions are tough," said England.  "But, people have been known to survive some pretty crazy situations, so there’s always some hope."