Reddit users share craziest thing they've seen in LA

From celebrity sightings to police chases, many Los Angeles residents will tell you they've seen it all.

A Los Angeles "subreddit," a page for those following all things happening in LA, Reddit users were asked what was the craziest thing they've seen in the city. In that thread, now with more than 500 upvotes and over 500 comments, social media users following that page got a chance to share their "seen it all moments."

From sarcastic responses to moments that made global headlines, Reddit users did not disappoint with their answers.

Below were what Angelenos had to say on Reddit:

  • "Space shuttle Endeavor flying around LA on the back of a 747"
  • "Saw a woman give birth on the Venice boardwalk"
  • "A literal murder in Skid Row"
  • "The LA Riots […] I ran a chain of adult book/novelties/newsstands where most of the **** went down. Driving to my stores and checking if they were [OK], with a handgun on my passenger seat while watching buildings burn and stores getting looted."
  • "No one is going to believe this but I saw someone use a turn signal once"
  • "Someone picking apart and eating a pigeon with the weathers still on near Westlake [Metro] station"
  • "The rent"
  • "My wife and I saw Prince at the Forum in 2011. In the middle of the show, we saw a guy walking down the aisle next to us – and those stairs are pretty steep! – with two full cups of beer. He suddenly slipped on the steps, fell hard on his ***... and didn't spill a drop of either beer! Just stood up and continued walking downstairs like nothing happened. The capper: 10 seconds later we saw him walk back up with the beers. He had gone down the wrong aisle."

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