Recall Election Day Eve: Larry Elder addresses homelessness, high cost of California living

It has been a long day for Larry Elder, the radio talk show host who has led the field of those who want to replace Governor Gavin Newsom. 

At each of four stops on this last day of campaigning, he was greeted when chants from supporters of "Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry!"

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To use a sports metaphor, it is the last inning! This is it. 

The final day of campaigning. His "Recall Express" bus is finishing up five days of campaigning, which includes 18 stops. The first stop was in Monterrey Park. 

Besides talking about crime being up, homelessness being up and the high cost of living in California, he talks about dducation and how parents should have a choice. 

He says to supporters, "Gloria and I support school choice."

On COVID-19 vaccinations, the 69-year old says he’s vaccinated; says he encourages people to get vaccinated and adds, "however, a lot of people feel very different for very logical and common-sensical reasons and don’t we still have choice in America?" 

Next stop: downtown Los Angeles. Elder makes his way to Philippe’s Original Deli.

There’s handshaking. Picture-taking. He talks to the cameras and digs-in on all the Democratic political stars that have come to California to support the Governor. 

"But, notice no one whether its Obama whether its Kamala Harris, whether its Nancy Pelosi, whether its Bernie Sanders… no one has uttered the following words, ‘Governor Newsom has done good job for the people of California,’" Elder said. "No one has. You won’t hear that."

He appeals to the in-person voters and says the polls are wrong. He says, "I think there’s going to be a big surge over the last day or two and I think there’s going to be a lot of people who are very happy to have a new governor." 

On his sense of the polls that show he’s not so close, but tops the GOP field, he says, "My sense of the polls is that this thing in the margin of error."

And, then it's off to San Pedro. And, with a picture-perfect background. He’s asked will he accept the results of the voting. 

He says, "… of course I will. I’m going to win."

Polls close Tuesday night at 8 p.m. and then we’ll see if he’s right.

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