Ready Surgeon One: Can Virtual Reality Save Lives?

Virtual reality and Augmented Reality are a big deal. With the new technology, you can be everything from a Jedi to a Pokemon trainer. Matter of fact, it was Pokemon Go which familiarized most Americans with augmented reality, but besides video games, there are some pretty promising uses for VR and AR.

Speaking of being anything you want in VR, Osso VR is helping med students and doctors become the best surgeons they can be with their virtual training environment. This isn't just a solution in search of a problem. Osso VR's CEO, Justin Barad, saw that technology was changing so rapidly for surgeons that they had a hard time keeping up with techniques and practice, without making live patients their guinea pigs so he created a virtual training construct which allows surgeons to get all the practice they need before putting you under for real.

For more information on Osso VR, you can check out their website:

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