Rapper Lil Pump makes up home invasion story, say police

The monumental hit "Gucci Gang" went platinum earlier this year.

But the hot new rapper wasn't celebrating in this TMZ video.

Thursday, Lil Pump was coming out of a juvenile detention center.

Wednesday afternoon, LAPD say a Woodland Hills rapper called them about a home invasion.

"We had half the division responding because we found out he was a juvenile as well," says Lt. Warner Castillo, LAPD Topanga Division.

According to police, the 17-year-old says three men tried breaking into his Erwin Street apartment.

He says they even firing a bullet through his front door when he was home alone.

As police are responding, he calls back, saying the suspects didn't make it in and left.

"The investigation basically revealed that the whole story was made up," says Castillo.

Police also believe he was the one who shot through his door.

They even find a handgun in bushes outside his apartment and weed inside the home.

"It appears he was under the influence of an unknown substance," says Castillo.

But Lil Pump doesn't seem concerned.

In TMZ video, he makes reference to rich lawyers.

Then, points to the ankle bracelet around his leg.

Lil Pump fans we spoke to say they're not surprised the rapper is in trouble, but still support his work.

"I just like his music and it really doesn't have a meaning it's just that his music and his beats are really good," says Samantha Pacheco.

But parents think the rappers actions may just be for attention.

And they fear it will have an impact on their kids.

"Other kids can't adjust and understand what's really going on and they think it's ok to do the things he's doing and then they do it and they're in trouble," says father Johnny Pacheco.

The boy's mom might also face child endangerment charges for leaving the gun in the home with a minor.