Radio DJ 'Big Boy' struck by alleged DUI driver

The Real 92.3's Big Boy, the legendary LA radio host, spoke to FOX 11 about being hit by a car on Parkway Calabasas yesterday while stopped at a red light on his way home.

"Next thing I know I just felt the impact," said Big Boy.

A photographer was nearby and caught the aftermath of the crash.

As he turns the corner of the mangled front end of the car, a shocking sight. The driver takes a large swig from what Big Boy says was a bottle of vodka.

"He just popped the vodka and he just starts chugging."

We've now confirmed that driver is Michael Pettersen, a prosecutor at the L.A. county district attorneys office.

In the video you see a sheriff deputy arriving to the scene. He tries to get Pettersen out of the car.

"He starts to stumble with their assistance. His pants come down and he's falling on the ground. When people say fall over drunk - I saw that."

Pettersen was booked on felony charges.

The L.A. county D.A.'s office sent us this email when asked for a statement on the incident:
"Michael Pettersen is an employee of the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office. He has been on a leave of absence since Jan. 1, 2017.
Mr. Pettersen joined the office on Feb. 5, 1990. We have no further comment."

Big Boy says he is praying for Pettersen and is grateful he was finally able to make it home to his wife and children.

"The hugs have always been tight. They're tighter. The kisses have always been grand they're grander," Big Boy says. "And it's not 'tomorrow is not promised' I knew that. I just have to make sure my today's are even more precious."

Luckily Big boy only has some bruises and is a bit sore.

As for Pettersen - We checked the state bar - he has not been eligible to practice law in California since September 2017.

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