Postcard finally gets delivered 60 years late

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An Indiana woman got a blast from the past thanks to a time-traveling postcard.

When the postcard was dropped into the mail, President Eisenhower was in the White House and a gallon of gas was a quarter.

Sixty years later, the recipient of the card finally got it delivered, and by no fault of the post office.

Sharon Gongwer always looks forward to getting mail at her retirement home in Goshen, Indiana. But a postcard from 1958 wasn't something she expected.

An employee at a hotel in the town recently discovered it in the back of a filing cabinet.

And even though it was addressed to Sharon's old home, they searched and got the card to its rightful owner.

"It was written by my mother who was traveling. She was traveling and she lived in Indiana. And as she was just traveling around and went to California," Gongwer said.

The postcard arrived last week and hardly shows its age.

"Maybe the edges are a little worn, but other than that ... the postcard is in perfect condition," she said.

The hotel was built about 30 years ago, so how the card ended up in their filing cabinet is a bit of a mystery.