Police investigate return of holiday 'porch pirates', tips to save your packages

It's holiday time and guess what? Theeeeeyyyy're back! 'Porch Pirates' who walk right up to your door and steal what's on your porch!

In a new case in Riverside, Sheriffs deputies say they're looking for a man who, on October 30th, walked up to a neighborhood door and took a package that didn't belong to him. In the security camera video in our video story, you see him go to the door and hide his face (apparently aware there is a camera). That doesn't deter him, and that house he was at isn't the only one.

In Eastvale, a woman who doesn't want to be identified says, "It's pretty scary, I mean, I have kids and we live in a very small community and the fact this is happening not just to myself, but 3 or 4 neighbors on this street."

She says what happened to her was pretty strange. She ordered something online and she alleges the delivery person came back and stole the package himself.

Says the woman, "About 30-seconds later they came back and tried to retrieve the package…they were caught at the time by a neighbor and they told the neighbor I had canceled the order and refused it." That she calls "a lie".

Sheriffs Deputies says if you see something say something. They also offer the following tips:

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