Police in three states are searching for two suspects in Christmas Day murder

Police in several states are looking for two suspects who authorities believe killed 70-year-old Lourdes Padilla Christmas Day 2018.

The way police describe it, the 70-year old Inglewood woman was just walking on the sidewalk on 104th Street and Yukon Avenue when a car pulled up and, as Mayor James Butts explains, "a female exited the vehicle. There was a struggle. Then a shot was fired and then Ms. Padilla was fatally wounded with a bullet wound to the face."

Police are investigating whether this was a purse-snatching that went wrong or maybe something else.

The suspects have been identified as 29-year-old Lizet Martinez who is 5-feet, 160 pounds. She's believed to have struggled and shot Padilla. And, Donovan Bingaman, who was identified by police as the driver. He's 20 about 6-feet 2-inches tall with the letters ES tattooed on the back of his head.

Investigators are still trying to determine if this was a purse-snatch gone bad or something targeted, but it is clear these two are on the run. They were last seen successfully fleeing from police in Arizona.

Inglewood police say if you know anything about these two suspects, even about their past, they would like to hear from you. They are trying to learn more about these two suspects. Also, they say don't approach them if you happen to see them or anywhere near them. They are considered armed and dangerous. Authorities say call the police if you encounter them.