Point of View: Thank you to those saving lives during the fire

A very deeply felt thank you to our first responders, firefighters, law enforcement, volunteers, and neighbors helping neighbors that are risking life and limb to save lives and homes.

We see horrifying images of our current Southern California fires. We cannot imagine any human being standing up to these fires, some of the worst in our history.

Yet that is what first responders and firefighters do. They are selfless heroes with danger all around them.

So very, very brave.

Our firefighters deserve our deepest respect at a moments' notice they are ready to go on the front lines no matter what is happening in their own lives.

They put us first, such courage in the face of adversity.

As the fires in southern California rage on, they fight these infernos with absolutely no hesitation. Simply incredible. They make us proud.

We have watched in recent days how our firefighters find the inner strength to fight these fires for many hours. We have seen the utter exhaustion in their faces. Yet, they find the inner power to go on.

We are so grateful to them.

To all of our first responders and especially our firefighters, you are in our prayers and our hearts. May god bless them. They are truly
An inspiration to all of us.

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