Podshare is the latest way to stay in LA

Forget hostels or hotels, the newest way to stay in LA is in a pod! Elvina Beck created PodShare to "cure world loneliness."

There's two locations, with a third just weeks from opening. The pods are like tricked out bunk bed, but far better. Those bunks you had at summer camp didn't have a solid wood stair case to get to the upper bunk. Nor, did they come with a TV monitor with access to music, movies and YouTube.

Clearly, this isn't for someone used to the Four Seasons. The pods may have high end mattresses, but there is no privacy offered up anywhere except the bathroom. And, yes, to answer that question in your dirty little mind.. No PodSex allowed. There is a kitchen and PodShare provides some of the staples, like tea, milk, cereal and butter.

You get 24-hour access to the Podshare location, no curfew.

In the DTLA location on the edges of the Arts District and Little Tokyo, there are two showers and two toilets (yes with doors.) The twin pod costs $40 a night. The queen pod costs $60 a night.

Travelers embraced PodShare quickly. We talked to a solo traveler from France who says, "It's like a pajama party every night!" Another traveler, this one from Singapore, says he loves the way the guests interact. It's very social, so even if you're traveling alone, you will quickly find yourself with either tips on where to go or invitations to go along.

The Hollywood PodShare is more co-work space than hotel alternative. There are two pods, including one with an ingenious feature that allows the pod go from bed to desk and back again, with just a lift or a pull. The ingenuity comes from a mechanism that keeps the desk surface horizontal, so you don't have to move stuff before you nap! Most of the Hollywood PodShare is dedicated to people who need work space.

A day pass costs just $15 and gives you access to coffee, water, snacks and things like a green screen and audio booth for all of the aspiring film makers or web designers and computers equipped with all those popular but expensive software programs.

A third location is almost, almost ready to open in Los Feliz. This one will have 12 pods, in 900 square feet. Elvina points that out, because she's not just disrupting the hospitality industry, but she also wants to shift the way we think about affordable housing.

She also sees a network of PodShares across Los Angeles and perhaps the whole country! Podshare is membership based and so not EVERYONE gets to be a member or if you're a bad PODestrian, you might be asked to leave and never allowed back. Being a PODestrian, also means, paying for a night at one PodShare gives you access to the amenities at any PodShare. Someday, there might be a PodShare with a gym, another with a pool etc.

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