Pediatrician Maria Garcia-Lloret discusses the Epi-Pen price hike

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The pharmaceutical company that makes Epi-Pen is facing harsh criticism for hiking up the price by 400 percent. Why does that matter? 1 out of 13 kids suffers from fatal allergies.

This is the only emergency drug that can bring help soon enough to people with severe allergies.

In short - It's a life-saver.

A quick injection to the thigh -- the EpiPen releases a drug that reverses the swelling and closing of the airways. Doctors recommend patients with severe allergies to carry two EpiPens with them at all times.

Back in 2007, EpiPen was about $60 for two injections. By 2013 the price went up to $260.00.

Now the price went up again to $600.

This has parents really concerned. If you have two kids with allergies...that's $1,200 dollars for these injections, and the drug has an expiration date.

What do you make of this price hike? How important is this drug to patients with severe allergies?
Have you heard from concerned parents? What options do patients have?

EpiPen has an expiration date of 1 year. Is there an alternative drug?

A lot of questions, and pediatrician Dr. Maria Garcia-Lloret, pediatrician at Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA, was here with us to provide a few answers.

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