Pane of glass falls from downtown L.A. highrise

Glass that fell from a broken window on the 61st floor of a building in downtown Los Angeles today resulted in no injuries, but prompted closure of part of two streets as a precaution.

"We did have a small approximately four foot piece of glass that landed on the ground." said Los Angeles City Fire Captain, Chris Seabourn.

It happened around 11 am in the Aon Center at 707 wilshire boulevard. L.A. City fire crews blocked off three surrounding city blocks as a precaution.

'The concern is when it breaks it kind of catches the wind and it could push that piece on any direction away from the building.' Seabourn said.

"Oh I could see it at the very end that could kill somebody."

Johnny Banales and Donna Coughlin were just a few blocks away at St. Patrick's Day street party when the glass fell.

"The glass coming out... Luck of the Irish... They were lucky not to get hit." said Encinitas resident Johnny Banales.

And the Fire Captain Chris Seabourn echoed that sentiment.

"Pane of that glass could be upwards of 80 to 100 pounds. The piece that fell could be anywhere from 6 to 10 pounds."

Workers perched atop a scaffold repaired the window. The street remained closed causing a only a minor inconvenience for some St. Patty's Day party goers.

Firefighters don't know exactly what caused glass to break but say it could be due to heat.

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