OC's Juvenile SHARKS! Lifeguards Don't Consider Them A Danger

There are two warnings from lifeguards in the Seal Beach area this weekend. First, no fireworks on the beach. There will be extra lifeguards and police to crack down on that. Second, watch out for juvenile great white sharks.

Up to a dozen have been spotted in as many weeks. First, they tried to monitor them with rescue boats, but decided a drone might be a better way to go. They got one for $1500 and got to work. So, far they've stayed in the same area, but lifeguards are watching from the air to make sure they don't get into the more populated Seal Beach Pier area.

We found beachgoers joking about the sharks, but not members of the Miller family from Arkansas. Mark Miller and his nephew Nick Clark spotted one.

Clark says, "I thought there was something in the wave when I was like riding through one of the waves and I looked over there to the left." Mille told us, "When the wave was rising I saw the shark. It ran in that direction and I told the kids to get in here.")

Miller likes the use of a drone. He say "they need to be spotted... keep the beachgoers safe."

But, right now they are says Nick Bolin. The lifeguard supervisor says, "We've consulted with the experts. We've been studying these. They've been out for 10 or 11 weeks and we haven't had any problems."

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