O.C. woman explains why she withdrew sexual misconduct allegation against Democrat Gil Cisneros

A Democratic activist has withdrawn her allegation of sexual misconduct against Democratic hopeful Gil Cisneros, who is running to represent California's 39th District in Congress.

"I'm here to tell you, he did not rape me, he did not put a hand on me, he's just gotta watch what he says more," Melissa Fazli said during a sit down interview with FOX 11 Tuesday night. "I called it inappropriate behavior, I never said sexual harassment, I never said he touched me, or anything."

It all began when Fazli, who says she was raped when she was 19, posted a statement in May accusing Cisneros of offering her sex for campaign donations during a conversation at the Democratic Convention.

"He just kept asking me what are you gonna do for me, what are you gonna do for me?" Fazli said. "And the last thing I said to him was it doesn't work this way Gil!".

Fazli said Cisneros went radio silent to her after the allegation and after he won his primary, but then conservative Super Pac began running ads about her.

"In one of the commercials it has the hand, the man's hand running over the woman, Gil Cisneros did not touch me, but because of the CLF, everybody thinks that he raped me, that he accosted me sexually somehow," Fazli said.

Then the postcards started coming, from all across Orange County, with more ads from the CLF about her.

"And I was like oh my god, they used my professional photo that I use in real estate, and my name to this!" Fazli said.

Fazli said she had to move out of Yorba Linda, change her license plates, and get home security as a result.

"I was like, it's just too much, nobody is ever gonna want to talk to me again," she said.

On Friday, Cisneros appeared on FOX 11's political show "The Issue Is" with host Elex Michaelson, where Cisneros defended himself in front of his Republican opponent, Young Kim.

"Every legitimate news source or news outlet that's looked into this allegation has seen that its false, that the story just doesn't add up," Cisneros said. "This is just simply Paul Ryan's super PAC that's being funded by corporations and dark money."

On Sunday, Fazli said she and Cisneros finally sat down for a face to face meeting where they both apologized, and buried the hatchet.

"I was like, wow, I didn't know this Gil, I never met this Gil before, this is new and I just took it in and my wall, my barriers all fell down," she said. "A lot of people are saying I recanted, I didn't recant, I withdrew. And he withdrew okay? It's a ceasefire."

Fazli said she was not paid off by the Cisneros campaign to withdraw her allegation, and she told FOX 11 she doesn't know yet if she wants Cisneros to win his race in November.