Nutritionist to the stars

What is " Food Jail?" How do you get out? And which food group should you NEVER, ever take in?
Those are just a few of the nutritional commandments, according to Dr. Philip Goglia-- "Nutritionist to the Stars."

I met the good doc years ago, before he was famous. My buddies at the gym knew I was struggling to get that last couple pounds off, they reminded me to focus on "inches" not pounds. Call Dr. Goglia they advised --get his eating regime, and so I did!

Today, Dr. Goglia has a thriving practice in an unassuming office in Santa Monica. However, his client list is anything but low profile. Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, the entire Kardashian klan ( and Kanye) and Jonah Hill. These A list celebrities credit him with an eating plan that gets them " Red Carpet Ready."

In a nutshell?

The " NO" list: no dairy, no gluten, no yeast. Goglia is so anti dairy, he refers to it as " moderately hardened phlegm."

The "YES" list: fatty fish like salmon, black cod and sea bass.
Lean red meats like filet mignon and flank steak. ( Goglia says red meat is great to consume at dinner the night before, because the next morning you'll get a burst of energy during your work out.)

Goglia urges clients *never to skip meals. He's a proponent of 5 to 7 meals a day. And massive amounts of water!

Water consumption: for active clients, one ounce of water , per one pound of body weight. And after following this plan, if you're still shy of your goal?

You're sentenced to Food Jail! "Food Jail" is basically fatty fish, tomatoes and water. Over and over again. Clients may be seeing red-- but they will be "Red Carpet" ready for the big day!

Check out the "before" and "after" for celebs like Chris Pratt, Jonah Hill & Khloe Kardashian. They are especially dramatic transformations.

Goglia says there are basically 3 metabolic types. He says with his help and the help of his team, they can push you to be a hundred percent metabolic efficient. It's less about pounds and more about less body fat.

Price: Initial visit 625.00 dollars
Second visit 395.00 dollars
Weekly visit 100.00 dollars

If you want to be trim, but do don't have a Hollywood budget, try Many find this online program to be helpful.

And it's not just eating right, it's a commitment to exercise.

Goglia and Celeb Trainer, Gunnar Peterson, are the one-two-punch. They espouse a rigorous eating plan and "take no prisoners" work outs! Good luck.....grab your water bottle & I will see you at the gym!