Nurses at Henry Ford wear superhero outfits while fighting COVID-19

Front line workers perform heroic acts every day. 

And so Erin Cavanagh, a clinical coordinator with Henry Ford Health's main campus and a registered nurse, thought what better way to show their strength than with superhero costumes.

"Once the Covid situation started happening and it was really, really difficult, I guess I kind of felt a little powerless of what was going on with the situation. I just started to say, 'You know I gotta turn this around,'" she said.

"We were all sitting together and sharing how we were family, and everybody was from a different background internationally. We said this is my sister from this country, this is my sister from this country, and I said we should all just wear the same Superman shirts."

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and many others have made an appearance.

"I had another group I purchased Wonder Woman shirts, and that was a group of technicians I work with. And then from there, I thought, well we got to mix it up a bit, showering people with Captain America, somebody wanted Flash. I figured it would start to become a competitive thing, where people wanted to own their own character."

The outfits help boost morale while continue to save lives.