No tickets for Kobe memorial? Authorities say to stay clear of Staples Center

Organizers of Monday's memorial ceremony for Lakers legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, who both died in a Calabasas helicopter crash, today urged people without tickets to the Staples Center gathering to stay away from the area.

Lee Zeidman knew Kobe for 24 years… so for the president of Staples Center getting in front of the media to layout the rules for Monday had to be a little challenging. After all… this was personal.

David Rose was a classmate of Kobe’s at Bala Kinwood Middle School in Philadelphia. 

They went to school together for years until Kobe graduated high school.

“Kobe was a very private individual. And before and after school he would study tapes of Jordan and Byrd and others and really didn’t go out much at all with anybody,” Rose told FOX 11’s Hal Eisner. 

Ross is now in Los Angeles for a medical conference.

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Monday’s memorial could be filled with challenges… and in an effort to control traffic Zeidman and LAPD Chief Michel Moore explained them all during a press conference Friday. 

“AEG, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Bryant family and LAPD are encouraging people not to come down to LA Live unless you have a ticket or a parking pass in order to pick up a ticket,” said Zeidman.

Trying to get in without ticket could get you a pair of handcuffs.

Police Chief Moore and Zeidman say they believe Angelenos will respect what’s going on here.

On Monday nothing will be shown on the LED screens outside the arena.

The only streets that will be shutdown are Georgia St. and Chick Hearn Ct; police will have checkpoints for those arriving with tickets.

Also restaurants at LA Live will be closed till about midday. 

The back side of LA Live will be barricaded as well as the front side of the Staples Center. 

All 20,000 seats will be filled with those who went through the ticketing process. Doors  open at 8 a.m. and they’d like people in their seats by 9:45 a.m.