No citations issued yet in West Hollywood following mandatory mask policy

Refusing to wear a mask in West Hollywood could result in a $300 fine, and some people who live in the area have noticed more people wearing masks since the fines were announced.

Sheriff's deputies told FOX 11 News that no one has been issued a citation at last check, but they are educating people about the importance of masks.

"Now the numbers [of COVID-19] are going up so I definitely think that wearing a mask should be mandatory and it should have been imposed earlier," said Andres Mejia, the owner of "69 DGS." Mejia makes custom, reversible masks and matching swimsuits. He sells the masks in West Hollywood.  

"The response has been great. Yesterday was my first day and today is my second day and I've been selling," said Mejia.

The majority of people appear to be following the mask policy, but some people who aren't wearing a mask took them off for a brief moment or are eating. However, Alyssa and Isabella are from out of town, and said they were not wearing masks until recently.

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"We just bought masks because we were getting death looks and really rude stares and stuff like that. With Covid cases rising and stuff like that, it's understandable, but I think people need to be a little more understanding as well," said Isabella and Alyssa.

Sal Marino, the co-owner of Marino's Ristorante, is enforcing masks, but also checks temperatures, and keeps tables more than six feet apart outside.

"This is the time to give and instill comfort and security. It's hard. Being in a kitchen with a mask is hard but the end justifies the means. We're going to follow all protocols and rules and hopefully we can defeat this thing and let it go out once and for all," said Marino.  

Sal's brother, and co-owner, Mario Marino, records customer's temperatures and offers hand sanitizer before allowing them to enter the dining area outside.

Governor Gavin Newsom also issued a statewide mask mandate for most indoor spaces.

Some of the exemptions those who are hearing impaired, children under 2, and those with medical conditions that prevent them from wearing a mask.