New billboard in LA, SF warn people not to move to Texas

"Don't move to Texas," that's the message a billboard is sending to California residents. 

There are two new billboards, one in Los Angeles and another in San Francisco, warning people not to move to Texas; but who is behind the billboard? 

The billboard reads "The Texas Miracle Died in Uvalde. Don't move to Texas," along with the words "Don't mess with Texas" crossed out in red. It shows a man in hoodie with school kids reflected on his glasses. 

The LA billboard is located in Universal City near the 101 Freeway and the SF billboard is located in the South of Market neighborhood. 

It doesn't appear the billboard is tied to any political organization, but it is drawing controversy among people. The billboard is being criticized on social media for using the Uvalde, Texas mass shooting as a political tool, encouraging Californians to stay in the state.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom harshly criticized Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in the wake of the elementary school shooting.

Over the past years California's population has been decreasing, with many people moving to Texas, Nevada and Arizona. 

According to Stacker, which compiled data from the U.S. Census Bureau, 82,235 people moved from California to Texas in 2019. 

47,322 people from California moved to Nevada in 2019 and 59,713 people moved from California to Arizona in 2019.