New beauty trend has women wanting dimples on their back

You could call it the latest trend in back-side beauty.

Supermodels Kendall Jenner and the Hadid sisters all have them and show them off!

Maybe you know them as back dimples, but they actually have a name - they're called - Venus Dimples.

"Personally I've always liked them," Eliana Guardado, 26, said. "I think they look sexy and my boyfriend loves them."

So sexy that Guardado has come to Marina Plastic Surgery in Marina Del Rey for an outpatient procedure to create the two depressions on her back.

If you look closely, Eliana already has two shallow dimples, but she wants deeper dimples.

"I get compliments when I wear bikinis or when I show my back, " she said. "People notice them and I feel like if I had them a bit more pronounced I would like how it looks."

Eliana's inspiration is a photo of a woman's lower half she found online.

"I Googled it and I showed the doctor what I had seen," she said.

W. Grant Stevens, M.D., said he's seen the same images over and over again brought in by patients.

Models and celebrities like Miranda Kerr, Miley Cyrus and Kristen Stewart have also been photographed with Venus dimples.

"I can remember over 20 years ago I had a patient ask me to fill in a Venus dimple with fat because she thought it looked unusual," Dr. Stevens, Clinical Professor of Surgery at USC's Keck School of Medicine, said. "I'm amused to think that now over the last year or so how many people have come in to see me wanting the dimples."

Eliana's second appointment with Dr. Stevens was the day she would get her Venus Dimples.

For this procedure, Dr. Stevens used to do liposuction, but now he said it's much simpler using an injectable that dissolves fat - $600 for each dimple.

"Honestly it was just a little pinch, it didn't even hurt," Eliana said after the injections were finished.

Dr. Stevens said she might experience some swelling, but generally he said there's little side effects.

But what if - like all fads - this trend tires?

"What if it falls out of fashion? What can we do?" Dr. Stevens questioned. "Well, we will just take a little fat from somewhere else and put it in there," he said.

The video version of this story incorrectly referenced the Venus dimple procedure performed by Dr. Stevens as a "surgical procedure." It's an outpatient procedure with no surgery involved.

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