New 311 service for complaints about scooters blocking LA sidewalks

A new service gives Angelenos a way to formally complain about rental scooters being parked, dropped, or abandoned in all the wrong places.

There's now an easier way to report illegally parked or ditched e-scooters. With around 22,500 e-scooters in operation, many are seen illegally parked in the middle of sidewalks, blocking doorways, or in driveways. Now people can call 3-1-1 to report a hazard.

Three companies, Bird, Spin, and Lime, have year long contracts with the city to operate the dockless scooters.

The new regulations would require the companies to pick up any illegally parked scooter within 2 hours of a call into 3-1-1 otherwise penalties would impact their licensing agreement.