Netanyahu and Trump's words have impact in Los Angeles

As he stood at a podium Wednesday in front of reporters and cameras, President Donald Trump said of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, "Bebe and I have known each other a long time."

It is widely known they share many feelings, which is problematic to some like Amani Barakat and Estee Chandler. Barakat is Palestinian and Chandler is Jewish. Neither woman likes the president or the prime minister.

"(Natanyahu) represents the most far, the farthest right wing government ever in power in Israel," said Chandler, whose parents came to the United States from Israel.

Barakat, who came here from Kuwait and hails from Haifa, found the Trump-Netanyahu troubling.

"The things that he said were very upsetting to hear as a Palestinian," Barakat said.

She was particularly upset when the President said, "I think the Palestinians have to get rid of some of that hate they're taught from a very young age."

To that, Barakat said, "They don't talk about that we are Palestinians. Human beings just like they are, and we're longing for justice and equality."

Ruth Teichman worries about what happens in Israel, who immigrated from Israel. She and her granddaughter Daphna Levine both live here and travel to Israel frequently.

Teichman said she likes what Netanyahu is doing because she doesn't think anybody else "can do better than him."

"He's trying to bring Israel together," Levine said. "Everyone thinks he's trying to tear it apart. Israel's our country. Without Netanyahu, he'd give everything away and there would be no Israel left for the Jews."

To Estee Chandler, who opposes Netanyahu, "What you find right now in Israel is a one-state reality, but it's an apartheid reality with separate rules for different people, and it's based on separation and segregation with walls which is what he shares with Donald Trump."

Despite the wide divide in opinion, Trump and Netanyahu have much in common and a long-standing friendship. Even before even talking shop, the deal-making started in front of the media.

"As far as settlements I'd like to see you hold back on settlements for a little bit," Trump said. "We'll work something out. I would like to see a deal be made. I think a deal will be made."

At one point, Netanyahu, reporters and others in the room laughing when he jested, "The art of the deal!" That's the name of the president's 1987 book.

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