Movie shoot with replica AR-15s stirs panic in East Hollywood

Men with large guns were seen entering the First Angel Church, sent police cars racing to East Hollywood Monday afternoon, only to find out the scene was a film shoot.

"They're thinking it's the real deal. Based on everything that's occurred in the nation in the last week, we're going to take precautionary measures and of course treat this as though It was the real situation with suspect being armed," said Officer Keith Green.

Police blocked off the area around Commonwealth and Santa Monica Blvd.

Turns out, the guns were not real.

LAPD says they were replica AR 15s.

The men were shooting a Bengali music video, according to the video's producer

"They're rap artists. They're local natives from this area. Set to do a music video today," said Peter Mandana.

But LAPD says, the director didn't secure a permit for the shoot, so they didn't know about it.

The artists insist they got some kind of permit through a website.

They agree with LAPD...the timing of something like this...was not ideal.

"We want to offer our condolences to lives lost in that tragic event's just bad timing. We should have maybe scheduled this in the future so it wouldn't have caused this kind of backlash. We apologize for taking resources. We're just trying to get this music video completed," said Minhajul Azad, one of the people detained.

For a music video that translates in English to the phrase "NO WORRIES" - the group certainly appears to have caused a lot of panic.

LAPD says, they arrested the director for the unauthorized shoot .