Mother Speaks Out On Son's Violent Arrest Following Horseback Pursuit

From Phil Shuman:

Francis Pusok, out on bail , spent most of the day inside one of his lawyers offices in the community of Victorville. When he left, he was dressed in a dark shirt and tie, the only way you'd know he was the victim of a beating was the big dark black eye on the left side of his face. He said nothing to reporters, on the advice of those lawyers, as he got into and was driven away to locations unknown. But his mother, Ann Clemenson, who was also in the meeting, had plenty to say about her 30-year-old son, ''her baby'' she called him. " I don't like to swear but the last few days have been hell.

Not knowing if he was dead or alive after Thursday night. "Given a past which included jail time for him, she acknowledges he's not angel, as I put it to her, but she said ''none of us are, we all make mistakes. But that's in the past, it's what the police did to him that they need to be held accountable. '' You may have seen the video by now, captured by KNBC's helicopter. Pusok, a 30-year-old unemployed unmarried father of three had been running from police in a vehicle, allegedly stole a horse, of all things, and the chase continued into a remote hilly area of Apple Valley .

They reportedly wanted to talk to him for an identity theft case. When it ended, he was tased then clearly kicked and hit repeatedly in video that has now, as they say , ''gone viral'' . It is the latest sensational police abuse case to get national attention, you knew that was going to happen, and it should. Pusok, who has not yet been charged but most likely will be, had his arraignment postponed today but he's due back in court in June for a bail review hearing. His lawyers are no doubt readying a suit against the county for excessive use of force, the FBI has announced its own investigation, and 10 member of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, including a Sergeant, have been suspended indefinitely while they do their own internal investigation. The Sheriff has said the video is ''troubling'' . No doubt he'll have a lot more to say at some point in the future. So will a lot of people.