Mileage milestone: Honda Accord hits 1 million miles

A former auto technician from North Carolina showed that taking good care of your vehicle can go a long way -- 1 million miles, to be exact.

Dexter Mills, from the Durham area, posted a photo of the milestone mileage in early March, but said his vehicle hit the million-mile mark on Feb. 13. He said his 2000 Honda Accord may have finally reached its last leg.

Mills said when he worked as an auto technician, he used to joke with his coworkers about cars having minds of their own.

"Once my car went over one million miles, one of the warning lights (never been on before) would intermittently flash," he said. "A quick diagnostic check didn't show any abnormalities. I think I got the message."

Mills said he replaced the engine in his Honda at least twice, but kept up regular maintenance on the vehicle, such as oil and filter changes.

He drove his Honda until May 3 and said he recently took the plates off. He knows the vehicle can still operate but is unsure about what he wants to do with it.

One piece of advice he wants to give to drivers looking to achieve his success - follow the owner's manual, use good filters and go for top-tier fuel.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.