Mila Kunis Stalker Arrest; The Inside Scoop From A Cop Involved

From Hal Eisner:

Mila Kunis can relax. Her stalker is behind bars. 30-year-old Stuart Lynn Dale was arrested Wednesday, four days after he escaped from a Pomona Mental Health Facility, by wiggling through a bathroom window.

The Santa Monica Police Officer involved in the arrest tells FOX 11 News he was called to a carport by this alley for a loitering call. When he got here he found three men. One was drinking a beer. Another had his head down. The officer says, when he started talking to the three men he fixated on the one with the beer and then, all of a sudden, a Sheriffs Undercover Unit came by asked the officer if he had seen the man they were looking for. He looked at the picture and told them it was the man with his head down. When asked, the officer says, Dunn identified himself and he was arrested.

Reaver Bingham is the Deputy Chief of the LA County Probation Department. He told reporters, "We're very glad we were able to take him into custody. He was fixated on Miss Mila Kunis... so we treated him as very dangerous and thus the efforts to work around the clock to bring him into custody."

Bingham says he expects Dunn will be in court before the end of the week.