Man sets off explosion inside truck near John Wayne Airport

An explosion near John Wayne Airport raised alarms this morning bringing out a large police presence.

But despite initial fears of terrorism -it turned out to be something less sinister.. But still troubling.

The vehicle that exploded in an employee parking lot near the John Wayne Airport belonged to a man who was apparently trying to kill himself.

We don't yet know who he is or why he did what he did. Skyfox was overhead after the 730 am explosion in Irvine apparently set off intentionally by a man in a truck parked in a corner of a large airport lot across the street from John Wayne Airport, an explosion set off using propane tanks he had in his blue Toyota pickup truck, the one with a camper shell on the back.

Why did he have propane tanks in his truck ? More unanswered questions at this time.

Because it was by an airport there was a massive law enforcement response. The sheriff, bomb squad FBI, and Homeland Security. Ultimately, the sheriff's described it this way via Twitter.

Reading in part... ''at this time we do not believe this was an act of terrorism or related in any way to the airport.

We're told the man survived his suicide attempt and is in critical condition, after Orange County Fire responded and transported him to the hospital.