Man goes on vandalism spree in Mar Vista, tagging 'anarchy' on cars and homes

The LAPD normally takes a phone report for vandalism calls, but when a second and third call came in about someone spraying cars, walls and garages with the word "ANARCHY" in Mar Vista, they sent out an investigator.

By day's end, the officer had drawn up reports on 11 locations while neighbors we spoke with said they believed there were 15 cars, all white, sprayed and as many garages.

We spoke with victims who didn't want to be identified. They felt violated. One woman told us, "This is horrifying. This neighborhood is relatively safe and quiet."

A man who lives down the street told us the tagger got two of his vehicles and a garage door. He was able to get the paint off without too much damage left.

The spraying was annoying for people in the neighborhood, and the use of that word 'anarchy' caught their attention. One victim told us, "Anarchy, the word, doesn't bother me. I know all about anarchy, but this is one jerk."

In the home-surveillance video obtained by FOX 11 News, you see the suspect spray a car in a driveway, then a garage door, then across the street another car, then a big van.

A car then pulls up and the suspect gets in and they drive off. However, because there are cameras around, they didn't get away unnoticed.

At one house, they painted over a camera. Before they did that, one got a good shot of the man facing forward.

The investigation is continuing.

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