Man goes on racist rant against trespassing skateboarders in San Pedro

A confrontation between an older man and a group of teenage skateboarders took a racial turn in San Pedro, and it was all caught on video.

"You Mexican piece of sh**!" the man yells to one of the boys.

It happened on June 28th at the 29000 block of Western Avenue in a corporate building's parking lot, where there are several no skateboarding signs.

One of the boys involved told FOX 11 the man came out of the building, where he rents an office, infuriated that they were skateboarding there, telling them to leave the property, and threatening to have them arrested.

"I'm a racist, at least I'm something!" The man yells. "All you are is a little coward!"

"And you're just a piece of sh**!" The boy replies.

"There was another way he could've come up to the kids and told them to leave," said Willie Galaz, who posted the video to Facebook and had a son involved in the confrontation.

"What gave me the strength to post the video was the kid who was keeping his composure in that situation where he had a grown man yelling in his face," Galaz said. "I guess he just looked around and was looking at the kid and started to judge the kid because he was Mexican and I guess that's the only thing he had at that time to put him down."

"It disheartening to see that, and it was very bad to see an adult behave that way but also the children to be disrespectful from their end also," said Donald Galaz, Willie's cousin. "I feel that this gentleman should have his say in this also, and as an adult myself I've been in a situation and reacted similar to how this man did."

The Galaz's said while they aren't okay with the man's comments, they don't believe he's a racist.

"I just feel he lost his cool, he felt as an adult they weren't listening, and he just snapped," Willie said.

They don't want a social media mob to come after the man, and they said if he comes forward, they would welcome him to one of their skating events to meet the kids, and give him a second chance.