Man approaches child, mother with threat of molestation

Daniella Garcia and her family often go to Pam's Donut Shop in Hemet. Actually, they live close-by.

On Monday, Daniella took her kids to school and on the way dropped her daughter off at the donut shop to get some chips and an apple juice.

While inside, a male customer allegedly eyed the 12 -year-old and mumbled some words. Specifically, according to the girl, "that he was a child molester...I was scared."

When he left the store he turned to the girl's mom and said her daughter was "going to be raped."

Lt. Glen Brock with Hemet Police says, "We are aware of the incident...trying to determine if a crime has occurred. There's obviously a lot that goes into it."

Not only that, but they are trying to determine if there really is a child molester eyeing children in this town.

It can be a slow process, but it is too slow to the girls' dad. He's been on a mission to find the man in the donut shop. He's angry and frustrated. Manuel Flores says, "It's terrible…you can't sleep at check the doors twice and I look at the donut shop to see if I see this guys truck."

Police are continuing their investigation.