Man allegedly killing cats for 'demonic ritual' in San Pedro

San Pedro residents are on edge following reports of a man allegedly "exorcising demons" by shooting cats with a crossbow.

"There is a man who seems to delight in pretending he's a Knights Templar, and in the name of the Lord, he exercises demons by shooting cats," says San Pedro resident Holly Sweany. 

People in the community described the man as a 70-year-old serial cat killer, targeting feral cats with a crossbow. 

Photos show injured cats and crossbow bolts with cat fur, allegedly from different deceased animals. After his alleged killings, the man reportedly leaves a red cross at the scene. 

The red crosses have been spotted and shared by residents on the Citizen app, some of which have been found blacked out.  

Terry Hamill, founder of Community Animal Rescue Endeavor says, "We had a major colony here, and the cats began disappearing."

Despite multiple calls to the police, authorities say they cannot take action unless the man is caught in the act.  

"I don't think it's a good thing for someone to be going around shooting animals. They could go and change their minds and start shooting people, too," said Meri Gyetvay, a San Pedro resident.

This fear became a reality for Holly Sweany, who says the man shot at her because she feeds the cat colonies. The arrow narrowly missed her head. 

"As far as he's concerned, we are working with the devil because we're helping the cats," she said.

Holly called the police after being shot at. Detectives filed a case, but Holly says the Los Angeles County DA’s office dismissed it due to a lack of evidence. 

Authorities reportedly need video footage of the man committing the act. Additionally, there are claims that the man walks around performing exorcisms and tossing holy water on random people.