Malibu residents barely recovering from fire, prepare for possible mudslides

Malibu folks haven't even recovered from the Woolsey Fire in November 2018, and now they're preparing for another disaster.

"With the heavy rains we're concerned that something might get overtopped and it would potentially get in the house but thus far we've been pretty lucky," said homeowner Jeff Thompson.

Thompson knows that a flash flood watch nearby means mud and debris flows are a greater risk near his Trancas Canyon Road home.

Mandatory evacuations areas include parts of Escondido at Latigo Canyon, Malibu West at Trancas Canyon, all of Ramirez Canyon Road, Malibu Lake, Corral Canyon / El Nido and Escondido and Old Chimney, and Paradise Cove.

Thompson has been setting up sandbags, removing broken tile from his roof, and clearing drains.

"I've had to clear out the concrete drains right where they enter the pipe to go under my driveway. They plugged up a couple of times," said Thompson.

But he and his 5-year-old son Alex wonder if it's enough.

"It might get buried I don't think it's too big," said Alex.

Jeff is also facing another problem.

"We're trying to prepare for the rain and we're still working to get the house back online," said Thompson.

Back online from the Woolsey Fire that raged through his area two months ago, wiping out vegetation that normally holds water back. Now he's is hoping his home makes it through this next challenge.

"That's the way it goes out here. The fire comes and it seems like no sooner did the fire come that the rains came," said Thompson.