Los Angeles sky likely lit up by meteor

A bright light that lit up the skies over Los Angeles may have been a meteor from the Taurid meteor shower.

About 1 a.m., Twitter users reported seeing a flash in the sky and asked followers if any of them saw something similar.

Jessica Gilstrap’s Nest camera caught the meteor from their home in Fullerton. She says the light was so bright she thought someone was outside with a flashlight. 

"There was just a bright... flash in the sky,'' one user tweeted.

Others quickly recognized it was a meteor.

"I just happened to glance out my window and BAM! Meteor,'' Lamarr Wilson tweeted. "Never seen one before live, that was beautiful.''

The Taurid meteor shower runs between Oct. 20 and Nov. 30 and is one of the year's longest showers and is sometimes referred to as the "Halloween fireballs,'' according to space.com.

"In contrast to the August Perseids (meteor shower), which appear as swift white streaks, Taurids often appear yellow or orange and... move rather slowly... across your line of sight,'' the web site said.

There were no reports of a missile or rocket launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base this morning.