Los Angeles launches 'pothole blitz' to repair city roads

Los Angeles City Council is taking serious action against it's growing pothole problem.

Council members on March 1 unanimously approved $250,000 in funding for what they call a "pothole blitz."

The funding for the project will come from the city's portion of the county-wide Measure M sales tax increase. The city plans to deploy 10 to 20 pothole trucks per weekend, according to officials.

With the record amount of rain we've experienced this year, Angelinos say the problem is much more noticeable in recent days.

"There are some potholes around here that are almost like a sinkhole. They've got some sinkholes around the city," said Mike Peters about the streets in Mid-Wilshire.

Others say they've grown frustrated over the amount of time it takes the city to repair a pothole.

"You see some of them covered up, but not all because there are so many of them. I think they can do a little better," said Janice Price.

"A lot of people don't have money to replace their tires every other month, so yeah, they should have done something a long time ago," driver Toni Marlowe said.

Anthony Gonzalez drives over potholes "everywhere."

"You kind of just get used to it after a while," he added.

The repairs will continue for the next four weekends beginning March 9 and 10 as crews work to identify and repair unreported potholes around the city.

If you want to report a pothole in your neighborhood you can call 311.