Los Angeles had zero population growth in 2018

Both the city and county of Los Angeles saw a statistically zero percent change in population as California experienced its slowest population growth in its history during 2018, according to figures released Wednesday.

The state Department of Finance said California's population growth was 0.47%, the slowest in the state's history. The total population in the state at the start of 2019 was 39,927,315, while Los Angeles County's population was 10,253,716 and the city of Los Angeles was 4,040,079.

The slow rate is driven by a significant decline in births -- down by more than 18,000 over the previous year -- as well and data reflecting lower student enrollment. Deaths continued an upward trend seen since 2010 as California's "Baby Boomers'' continue to age, the report said.

CNS contributed to this report.