Long Beach Police Asking Public's Help In Search For Serial Flasher

From Sandra Endo:

School patrol was circling Thomas Jefferson middle school as kids were arriving to campus this morning since an alleged flasher has been seen in the area.

Long beach police are asking for the public's help in finding a man who has been exposing himself near schools.

Police say on six different occasions between February 11 to March 4, the man exposed himself to kids as they walked to school.

The incidents took place around 7:45-9:00am in the area of Coronado and Euclid from 7th to 10th streets.

He's being described as a white male, between 24-35 years old with brown hair, wearing a black shirt and black "Dickie" pants.

He's also driving a white passenger car with tinted windows.

Police say he sits in the passenger seat of his car with his pants down, sometimes masterbating as young school girls walk by.

They say he calls out to them so they come closer to the car and on one occasion he opened the door and tried to grab a girl but she managed to run away.

Parent Carlos Martinez dropped off his daughter at school today and said "I told her to stay away from side streets and only walk in groups on the busy streets. There are a lot of weirdos out there."

Some students we spoke with say they're scared the suspect is out there but say they have been warned by their parents to use the buddy system.