Long Beach Furloughs: What they mean to you

Trying to cut $11 million can’t be easy, but the city of Long Beach is trying its best to do it.

Following the likes of Los Angeles, it’s using furloughs to stay afloat.

The League of CA Cities estimates that the state’s 482 cities will lose almost
$7 Billion in their local budgets in the next couple of years, and that’s just in sales and hotel tax revenue.

In Long Beach, the Convention Center for example, remains closed. Some attractions, like the Aquarium of the Pacific have outdoor areas open. Still, it’s not enough. Most city employees will be off, every other Friday.

While essential services, like police and fire, will continue (their unions have negotiated things like forfeiting hours) but civilian support, like lab technicians are staying home at average two days a month.

Just to give you a sense, aside from police and fire, lifeguard stations, animal care services and pars remain open, but libraries and administrative offices for parks and the fire department will not.

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