Local man kayaks from LA to Tijuana to fight tuna overfishing

Andrew G. Szabo is no stranger to adventure or long distance challenges. In the past 12 years he crossed the Sahara 15 times as director of the legendary, 6000 mile Budapest-Bamako Rally. This September he sets out on a marathon kayak trip from Manhattan Beach, CA to Tijuana.

"First it was just a mid-life crisis related personal challenge, then it turned into something bigger and more meaningful," said the 47-year-old Internet and real estate entrepreneur. "Unethical tuna fishing is not only pushing certain species of tuna to the verge of extinction, but it's destroying various ocean eco-systems," added the amateur sea kayaker.

Szabo began training in early May after dropping the idea of walking the coastline to Mexico. After teaming up with Greenpeace's #ChangeYourTuna campaign, Szabo was amazed how little we know about the tuna fish we eat and how much damage we can cause to our oceans by choosing the wrong brand. "I believe the term 'Chicken Of The Sea' is a death penalty to these fish. They are not farm animals. They should only be fished in a sustainable fashion," added the kayaker. On his website ArcoirisExplorer.org he even lists the ocean friendly brands of tuna that are approved by environmentalists.

"I'm excited about being involved with a charity where we don't have to ask our friends and family for donations. Here, everybody can do their part by changing their tuna," added Szabo.

The 11 day, 150 mile, solo expedition along the Southern California coast will set out from Manhattan Beach on September 4 th , 2016 and is expected to end at Tijuana's Plaza Monumental on September 15 th . On his website, Szabo encourages all those who care about our oceans to join him by kayaks, canoes, SUPs or paddleboards for any length of the trip.

The planned route of the expedition and where you can join:

Sept 4- Manhattan Beach to Portuguese Bend

Sept 5- Portuguese Bend to Seal Beach

Sept 6- Seal Beach- Newport Beach

Sept 7- Newport Beach - Laguna Beach

Sept 8- Laguna Beach- San Celmente

Sept 9- San Celmente- San Onofre

Sept 10- San Onofre- Oceanside

Sept 11- Oceanside-Batiquitos Lagoon

Sept 12- Batiquitos Lagoon- Torrey Pines Beach

Sept 13- Torrey Pines Beach- Bonita Cove

Sept 14- Bonita Cove-San Diego

Sept 15- San Diego - Tijuana

For additional information and dates visit: ArcoirisExplorer.org

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