Local immigrant workers who make Donald Trump campaign hats speak out

The workers at Cali-Fame in Carson spend hours stitching, steaming and stacking "Make America Great Again" hats for Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

Nearly all the workers are Latino, a group that has often been highly critical of some of the statements Trump has made.

But for the workers at Cali-Fame, Trump's campaign doesn't mean controversy, it means opportunity.

"Thanks to Trump, we have a lot of work. We're making a lot of money," said worker Yolanda Melendrez.

The company's president, Brian Kennedy, says he is a Trump supporter, but his business is not influenced by a client's politics or background.

"We really just manufacture hats. And it doesn't matter what is says. If there's an order we're gonna take it," said Kennedy.

Melendrez has been working at the factory for more than two decades. She says she's seen her paychecks increase by a couple hundreds dollars since Cali-Fame started making Trumps hats in July.

"We didn't have overtime before. We were kind of slow around this time," said Melendrez.

They were slow because of the season and because many people now get hats made overseas. But with the Trump order, Kennedy had to hire twenty more employees.

"I do have to say that the business environment hasn't been great. And we look forward to keeping American jobs here," said Kennedy.

Kennedy's workers say they've heard what Trump has said on the campaign trail. They won't comment on that. But they say, they are grateful the opportunity his business has provided.

"I would just say thank you for giving us those orders," said Melendrez.

The company has worked with Trump in the past to make hats for his golf course, but now they are making hats specifically for his campaign. Kennedy confirms that Trump's campaign has given $270,000 dollars to his company to make the hats. Each one sells for about $25 on Trump's website.

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