Lego heist: Yet another Bricks & Minifigs store burglarized

Yet again, another Bricks & Minifigs store was burglarized… this time in Lomita

The break-in happened around 5:15 a.m. Tuesday, June 18. 

The owners estimate the stolen property and damage to be within $5,000 to $7,000.

Video posted online shows two men smashing the glass of the front door, running in and grabbing multiple Lego sets. They left within seconds. 

"We're a family owned business. We've invested everything into our store and are very proud of the community we're building. This hurts," the owner wrote in an Instagram post

This is just the latest Bricks & Minifigs store to be burglarized in recent months in Southern California


The Riverside location was the first one hit on April 3. Ontario's location was burglarized on April 12, Whittier on May 3, Irvine on May 9, and two stores were hit on June 1; Costa Mesa and Fullerton.

Multiple law enforcement agencies are working the cases, but do believe they are related. 

Legos have apparently emerged as the latest hot target for California theft rings.