Last day of school for Porter Ranch kids

For students at Porter Ranch Community School it's the last day of classes on this campus before relocating next year.

"I'm sad to see the classrooms packed up, but the kids are excited," parent Audrey Farris said. "He's five and he's excited to start his new school."

The move comes after LAUSD declared an emergency at Porter Ranch Community School and Castlebay Lane Charter School where a natural gas leak has sickened students.

Many parents have already kept their children home the last few weeks, leaving classrooms fairly empty.

"Out of a class of 19 I think nine kids have been coming for the last two weeks," parent Dana Cho said. "It's definitely made a big impact in her classroom."

On Friday, parents told FOX 11 they were told to come pack up their kids lockers.

Some parents also helped teachers clear out classrooms of art project and holiday decorations.

According to Cho, some teachers have also been absent at a higher rate.

"My child's third grade teacher was absent for several days for a couple of weeks," Chos said. "She had headaches and she was nauseous."

"I've heard a lot of the teachers are excited about relocating," mother Shawna Nazari said. "I think a lot of them didn't want to be here either because they are also uncertain about the future health affects."

Parents are hopeful classrooms will be reunited at the new school locations next year, but some students are unsure about starting over.

Parents say…they hope classrooms will be reunited at the new locations next year….but some students are unsure of starting over.

"I really wanted to stay here because it's nice and I feel like it's very safe here," fifth grader Katie Rice said. "Going to the other school, I don't know how other people are there and I'm very nervous."