LAPD officers no longer issuing citations to people sleeping in cars parked on residential streets

Police officers in the City of Los Angeles are no longer giving citations to people sleeping in vehicles parked on residential streets.

This comes after a city ordinance barring vehicle-dwelling expired in June.

"A proposed ordinance which would reinstate (the ordinance) and provide a new sunset date of Jan. 1, 2020, is currently pending in city council. However, this proposed ordinance has not been approved yet," Los Angeles Police Department Chief Michel Moore wrote in a memo sent to officers last week.

The Los Angeles City Council may look at a new ordinance once it returns from its summer recess. The council is not expected to meet again until the end of July.

Opponents of the ordinance say the law criminalizes people experiencing homelessness while supporters say police need the authority to remove people who may pose a threat to the public.

FOX 11's Gina Silva contributed to this report.