LAPD looking for burglary victims to claim stolen luxury items

The LAPD have pinned down one of the burglars who they say is responsible for stealing millions of dollars worth of goods. Often from celebrities in the Hollywood Hills.

Now police need victims to come forward to claim the goods.

They are millions of dollars worth of expensive wine, luxury clothing, and high-end art.

Police say Benjamin Eitan Ackerman - stole over 2000 high end items between 2017 and last year- often right under people's noses.

"Ackerman targeted high-end celebrity homes that were for sale - that were being show over open house appointments. Ackerman would pose as either an interested buyer or in purchasing the property - or he would as a real estate broker wanting to show the property," said Capt Cory Palka.

We went to his home - but no one answered.

The neighbors we spoke to didn't want to be on camera - but were surprised to learn his targets were often high-profile, including Usher Raymond, Jason Derulo.

And police think there could be many more victims

"We believe there may be additional victims based on the large volume of stolen property that's been recovered - and asking the public's help in identifying more victims. and returning their property to them," said Palka.

It's the type of crime that could happen to anyone.

"We have one cases where he targeted a family friend. So no one is off the table," said Detective Jared Timmons.

They've uploaded all the stolen items online: