LAPD introduces new germ-fighting robot

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The LAPD has a new enemy in town—germs; and they got a new tool to fight it.

The Los Angeles Police Department unveiled a new robot Friday at its Central Station. It's the same station where an employee contracted the bacteria that causes typhoid fever last month.

The robot known as ‘Light Strike' is designed to eliminate germs from an entire room.

"The cleanliness and safety of this facility has always been a challenge and a concern of LAPD, as well as the Department of General Services, which is the provider for all of our custodial services as well as the maintenance of this building, and the operational status of it,'' Chief Michel Moore said.

That difficulty was highlighted in late May when an officer was infected with salmonella typhi, while at least two other people were sent home experiencing similar symptoms.

‘Light Strike' is used in hospitals across the country. Also introduced at the Central Station, which is located near Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles, was ‘Healthy Soles' a shoe sanitizer. It uses high-intensity lights and ultraviolet rays to kill the germs on shoes.

CNS contributed to this report