LAPD crack down on DUI drivers during holiday season

One by one, LAPD officers stopped drivers appearing to be under the influence in South LA Thursday night.

It's an effort to clamp down on the uptick of holiday related accidents from drugs and alcohol use.

The number of drivers who officers watched try and balance on one foot, follow a pen or walk in a straight line was far more than usual Thursday.

In just the first hour on Manchester and Budlong, police detained six people they suspected drunk or high.

"This is quicker than we normally get based on my own experience - so it's usually more spread out throughout the night but this is pretty quick," sad Lt. Jay Hom with LAPD.

The extra DUI stops continue throughout Los Angeles until January first.

Police hope the pattern drops.

Campaigns like project roadblock, have also released entertaining public service announcements reminding people of the dangers of driving under the influence.

One big message is that prescription drugs, especially those with driving warnings on the label, could get you DUI.

"Our job is to educate the public and in the process, save lives, and that means sometimes arresting someone because they can't safely operate a motor vehicle," said Lt. Hom.

Police encourage downloaded the "Designated driver VIP" app.

You can find places with free apps and drinks for your designated driver.